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Article: Order made 119

Order made 119

Order made 119

This is a made-to-order jacket ordered by Mr. Y.

Based on the ready-made size of AS-1 VS , materials, parts, and partial
The size has been changed, and the category is Custom Order 3.

Leather has a soft texture and combines "flexibility" and "strength"
Select HF-DEER.

The lining is made of deerskin with excellent breathability by using polyester mesh.
characteristics are utilized.

In addition, the soft texture of the floor and the "fluffy" soft deerskin material feel.
You can taste it with a sense close to direct.

All metal parts are unified with antique gold.

ZIP has dropped one count, and in addition to changing the leather base material
For a lighter impression.

Regarding the size change, it is around the neck, sleeve length and cuffs.
Add 1cm to the left cuff.

This is a specification that can be used when wearing a watch.

Such details are also one of the pleasures of making to order.

Well, there are still some chilly days, but according to the forecast, the cherry blossoms will be blooming soon even in Tokyo.
Spring is definitely approaching.

Meanwhile, "It would be nice to have a jacket that I can easily put on..."

I felt it through Y-sama's jacket.

Combined with being a single rider with an orthodox design
A leather jacket that can be worn comfortably throughout the season regardless of whether it is an inner or outer layer.

It is one of the items that I really want to have.

Thank you very much for this time.

Made-to-Order Spec / AS-1 VS
・Leather/HF-DEER black
・Lining / polyester mesh black
・ZIP/YKK No.5 No.7 antique gold
・ Dealer / Kadoya Osaka store