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Article: Notice of closing of special dealer Tochigi store

Notice of closing of special dealer Tochigi store

We would like to inform you that the Special Dealer Tochigi store will be closing on December 30, 2023 (*).

Representative Tajima of the store worked as a sewing craftsman for Kadoya during the height of the motorcycle boom, and then became independent. In 1984, he opened Kadoya Tochigi Store (currently Special Dealer Tochigi Store) as the first franchise store to sell and repair products. .
The shop is run by a married couple and has a homely atmosphere, and the owner has excellent sewing skills and a high level of knowledge about all things leather.The shop has been loved by many customers for about 40 years.

Although there is only a short time remaining until the store closes, we would like to invite everyone to come and visit our special dealer Tochigi store.

For customers who have requested product repairs from the special dealer Tochigi store, please contact the KADOYA Tokyo main store or KADOYA online shop after the store closes.

*The closing date may change depending on product stock status.

Special dealer Tochigi store

Location: 688-2 Omae-cho, Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture
Phone number: 028-63-0769
Business hours: 10:00-18:30
Closed: Every Wednesday