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Article: [Important] Apology and repair notice regarding elefantas (product number 4331) product recall

[Important] Apology and repair notice regarding elefantas (product number 4331) product recall

Dear customers

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

Recently, we have confirmed that the heel part of the sole of the elefantas (product number 4331), which we have manufactured and sold since September 2023, peels off after being worn several times.

Therefore, we will immediately stop selling the product and will repair the product free of charge. If you own the affected products, please cooperate with the collection using the methods listed below.

In the future, we will take every possible measure to further ensure quality control to prevent recurrence. Thank you for your understanding.

December 4, 2023 Kadoya Co., Ltd.

·Products About product reinforcement methods
・Recovery and repair procedures ・Click here for the collection form
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<Target products>

Product name elephantas
Product number 4331
Color black, suede brown
size All sizes (22.5cm to 28.0cm)
Sales period

September 14th ~ November 23rd, 2023

*If you purchased before August 2023, the manufacturing lot is different, so it is not subject to the recall.
Please see below for details on how to determine if a product is subject to a recall.

Left: Recall target / Center: Not subject to recall / right: Not subject to recall
*Products that use Dr.Sole or Cat's Paw in the heel sole are not subject to the recall.

<About product reinforcement methods>

Drive reinforcing nails into the red circles to secure the boots and heel.
*Since it is fixed at a depth of 4 to 5 mm from the bottom of the boots, the actual product will not be as noticeable as the photo and will not interfere with walking.

Left: Before repair / right: After repair (reinforced)

<About recovery and repair procedures>

If you bring it directly to a KADOYA directly managed store, steps 1 and 2 are not necessary.

1. Please enter the necessary information using the recall form below. Select the shipping method from [Bring it to a convenience store, PUDO, or Yamato office] or [Collect it at your home] and press the Confirm button.
2. Please send the affected items. If you select [Bring it to a convenience store, PUDO, or Yamato office], please bring the product and the two-dimensional barcode that will be sent to you via email to a location where you can drop it off. If you choose to collect the item from your home, a Yamato Transport driver will come to collect the item at your designated time.
3. As soon as we receive your item, we will begin repair work. (Repairs may take up to two weeks to complete, but we will do our best to complete the repair as quickly as possible.)
Four. Once the repair is complete, we will deliver the repaired product via Yamato Transport.

<Click here for collection form>

Please answer the questions below, and if it is determined that the product is a recalled product, a button will be displayed that will take you to a special form.

<Contact information>

Kadoya Co., Ltd. Customer consultation desk
telephone number 0120-147-353
Reception time 10:00-18:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

*For inquiries via message, please use the chat icon on the bottom left.