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Article: About applying oil to leather jackets

About applying oil to leather jackets

Recently, we have received complaints about several items that have been requested for cleaning, such as ``When I applied maintenance oil to a leather jacket, it became sticky'' and ``When I applied oil, white stains appeared.''

Among these, there are many examples where "mink oil" and "baseball glove oil" are used.

Animal fats and fats such as mink oil have a strong ability to fill the inside of leather, but it takes some skill to spread it thinly and widely over large areas such as jackets, and it does not cause stickiness or oil stains due to overapplying. There is also a tendency for this to occur more easily.

Stickiness and oil stains caused by mild over-application can generally be removed by our cleaning services, but it is difficult to remove just the right amount of oil that has been over-applied.

After washing, the stickiness and stains on the requested item were resolved, but when it gets rubbed after being worn or when worn in an environment with large temperature differences, the symptoms may reoccur due to the oil that comes out from inside. There are also examples.

In addition, it is impossible to restore the original texture of the leather, which has an oiled leather-like finish after years of painting.

(Note: The use of animal fats and oils is not harmful.

As mentioned above, it has a strong filling power, so we think it is effective when you want to firmly replenish oil to leather that has lost oil, or for purposes such as softening baseball gloves. )

Various leather maintenance agent sales companies sell a variety of oils that are easier to handle than mink oil.

As a re-leather, we recommend using an oil that is easy to apply thinly and widely.

KADOYA handles easy-to-handle oils such as the "Ref/series".

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*When using leather maintenance agents, etc., be sure to test on an inconspicuous area such as the back of the hem to ensure that no stains or discoloration occur.

*We do not recommend applying a large amount at once. We recommend applying a very small amount and spreading it thinly and widely.

*If you want to add a lot of oil or like the leather surface to have a lot of oily feel, then instead of applying a large amount at once, apply a small amount at a time and wait for a while. We recommend leaving it on and layering it multiple times.

It is not possible to give a clear answer to the question, "What kind of oil and how much should I apply?"

The appropriate amount varies depending on conditions such as ``leather quality,'' ``color,'' ``leather condition,'' and ``owner's preference.''

However, when looking at many requested products, it is also true that there is a tendency for ``overcoating'' from the point of view of reflex leather.

It seems that there are more cases where a small amount of application is sufficient than you might think.

I think that by facing your own leather products and experimenting with oil application through trial and error, your attachment to the leather products will become stronger.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

We will try our best to answer as much as possible.

All the Refraser staff