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Article: worn! saw! used! "9th" Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

worn! saw! used! "9th" Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

worn! saw! used! "Ninth"
Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report


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In the 5th installment, we introduced Kadoya's RIDEN innerwear series, which "keep you cool even in the hot summer. " That is the " RIDEN WARM series" that I tried on this time!

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I think I can hear some people saying, " Winter innerwear is a hoodie! " is. A cotton hoodie is no match.

Well, I want you to try wearing it once. Also, as you can see, there is no embarrassment even with RIDEN WARM innerwear! Rather, it is integrated with nature and even has a grazing atmosphere.

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The switching design used in the combination raises the adult atmosphere. The material used is the original thick brushed material, so it has high heat retention. This one is warmer than wearing several layers of long T-shirts or hoodies inside a leather jacket!

kadoya official online

The inner pants " RIDEN WARM-PANTS" are designed to be worn as inner pants. From the buttocks to the outside of the thighs, a switch is made of highly windproof and heat-retaining material, and it is completely compatible with the freezing cold of the outside of the thighs.

The front opening is a zipper specification, so it is possible to take appropriate and stylish measures in emergency situations during cold touring. The casually placed Kadoya logo is also a point.

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The round-necked shirt " RIDEN WARM-CREW NECK" also enhances design and heat retention at the same time. The material on the front, which is the chest and stomach, is made of a material that does not allow air to pass through, just like the outer thighs of the pants.

Only the front side, which is easy to get dirty, has a dark color, so you can rest assured that even if you spill soup from noodles, it won't stand out too much. In addition, the brushed material on the inside is abrasion resistant and tough.

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And there is another variation of the tops, and the one that uses a tokkuri neck is the " RIDEN WARM-HIGH NECK". The basic structure is the same as the round neck "RIDEN WARM-CREW NECK", but this one is more useful for those who want to take measures against extreme cold and those who are sensitive to the cold.

The front is raised and the back is designed to be low, so you don't have to worry about your neck when riding a motorcycle. As expected of Kadoya.

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Both the "RIDEN WARM-CREW NECK" and the "RIDEN WARM-HIGH NECK" have laser holes under both sides. It can be said that originality is included along with functionality. This is the unsung hero who prevents stuffiness under the armpits of leather jackets. People who sweat a lot should be grateful !!

kadoya official online

Even though it is made with motorcycle riding in mind, it has a casual and calm texture due to the uneven gray color. The RIDEN WARM series, which can be used not only for cold winter riding, but also for everyday wear , is the best item for this winter!

The person who wrote this article / Nandy Kosuge

A freelance writer who is active in various motorcycle magazines.

When his first book, "Anime Bike Book" was published in 4c/7 pages in the French motorcycle magazine "Integral", it was widely introduced as "OTAKU D'EXTERIEUR", an exploration of motorcycles and anime. person.

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