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Article: After all, fashion starts from your feet! - Part 1 -

After all, fashion starts from your feet! - Part 1 -

kadoya official online

A project linked to this magazine where the editorial department of the motorcycle magazine "Moto NAVI" uses items from the long-established leather maker "Kadoya" to send out the latest trends.

This time, we focused on the basics of fashion, the feet. Introducing Kadoya's kicks, which combine safety and comfort, as a key item, and a styling that greatly expands the range of coordination!

Model Kentaro Sawano (Burquin Style)

Photo by Takuma Uzuo Text by Moto NAVI

kadoya official online

In recent riders fashion, many manufacturers are developing items that are basically casual or incorporate many outdoor elements. Of course, Kadoya has a lineup of items that use not only leather products but also fabrics with high waterproof and water repellent performance.

When you actually wear it, the lightness of the texture of both the jacket and pants goes well with leather items, and it will greatly expand the range of coordination for the upcoming season when riding a motorcycle is warm and fun.

While choosing playful so-called "remove" items, what you want to be careful about is the selection of your feet. Even if the top and bottom are firmly decided, if the shoes and boots do not mesh, everything will be ruined. Let's introduce how to choose shoes that are the decisive factor in such fashion, with actual examples.

kadoya official online

Coordinating the whole body in black is surprisingly difficult. For example, it can be said that combining leather riders on top and bottom is a typical example. However, with that hard style, there are too few options for the type of bike you can ride. In the case of a combination that does not use leather, if the sizing is wrong, it may end up looking like a visual kei band that won't sell.

Therefore, I would like to recommend a combination of a textile jacket and leather pants as a Moto NAVI-style loose outfit. A light and easy-to-move jacket is a must-have item for the coming season.

Here, select just the right size, and the upper body will produce a smart look. On the other hand, if you choose straight or tapered leather pants with a little room, you can create an image that is not too hard.

kadoya official online

The white crepe sole favicon is perfect for casually arranging a black outfit that tends to get heavy! items. The zipper instead of the shoelace and the suede cutout on the heel add a little extra effect to the lightness.

Because it goes well with a casual jacket, you can produce a better "gap feeling" by polishing it well and making it glossy. It goes well with naked kits, cruisers, and neo-classic bikes.

kadoya official online

If you want to create a more casual street look, we recommend leather high sneakers. Nowadays, it has become a standard item, but its simple design that is easy to wear will greatly expand the range of combinations.

You can easily wear them with your boots out to show off the pure white thick soles, but I would like you to try wearing them with your boots in. Are you wearing thick pants? Even if it is said, some people will feel uncomfortable.

But that is the point of removal. By giving the thighs a sense of volume, it also has the effect of making your legs look longer. Here, the combination with full cowl Super Sports and Street Fighter will be the most stylish.

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