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Article: worn! saw! used! "First" Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

worn! saw! used! "First" Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

worn! saw! used! "The first"
Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

kadoya official online

"leather high sneakers"

When I personally choose shoes, I focus on these three points: "design", "comfort", and "non-slip performance". No matter how good the design is, I can't stand getting blisters.

And when riding a motorcycle, it is useless if it slips when you put your foot on it.

Nandi always wears boots when riding a motorcycle. In case of emergency, I've seen people take off their sneakers and fly away, and I think that boots can't protect ankles. In the first place, my ankles are cold in sneakers!

kadoya official online

Kadoya, who is famous for leather wear, has a long lineup of boots for motorcycles, and has also launched boots that can be used for town use, starting with engineer types.

Nandi has been using Kadoya's harness boots for about 10 years, even though they are out of print now.

kadoya official online

Due to my occupation as a writer for a motorcycle magazine, after gathering on my own motorcycle, I often drive to the site with an editor and a photographer, and then ride the motorcycle that I am interviewing.

When driving a car, sneakers are definitely easier to drive than heavy boots with heels, so I will bring two pairs of boots and sneakers.

When I forget to bring sneakers even though I'm traveling a long distance, I sometimes buy cheap shoes on the go.

kadoya official online

Meanwhile, I learned about the existence of Kadoya's "Leather High Sneakers" . The flat soles without heels are sneakers, but the silhouette of long boots is also maintained.

It's like a middle ground between sneakers and boots. In this case , "Both motorcycles and cars will not be hindered when driving," he jumped at it.

kadoya official online

As you can see, the design doesn't look like it's for motorcycles at first glance. Engineer boots make a thumping sound when walking normally, but these are completely silent .

You don't have to intimidate people around you when you get on public institutions such as trains and buses.

kadoya official online

It is reinforced with suede to protect it from scratches and abrasion caused by the change pedal, and it has a symmetrical design with reinforcement not only on the left side but also on the right side.

Such a place is also a mechanism that makes it difficult to think that it is for motorcycles.

A maniac right-change car owner is a must-see or something!

kadoya official online

And like the change pedal part, the heel part, which is the most easily damaged part, is also reinforced and guarded. It seems to be used for toughness.

kadoya official online

The cowhide leather is very soft, so it's very comfortable to wear, and it's also light.

In the case of hard boots, if they do not fit your feet, blisters will occur immediately, but I was very surprised that "Leather High Sneakers" fit my foot shape perfectly in just half a day .

kadoya official online

Anyone can imagine that it is easy to put on and take off because it uses a side zip.

By the way, if you don't have a zip, you have to make a little space on the instep for removing the mold.

Sometimes the space makes it feel a little bulky... isn't it?

kadoya official online

In that respect, the side zip has a structure that allows it to be easily removed when removing the shoe mold during manufacturing. It allows you to fit your feet perfectly without creating extra space.

Perfect fit boots feel much lighter than they should be.

In addition, the back of the boot, which is the spine, is made of rubber material , so it expands and contracts according to your movements.

This is also the reason for the perfect fit for your feet .

kadoya official online

It is very easy to put on and take off even when there are many indoor scenes.

The engineer boots I've been wearing for 30 years have never been this comfortable.

kadoya official online

In the case of a motorcycle, slipping when you put your feet on it in the rain is fatal, but you can spend your time without slipping even if the road surface is wet.

The sole uses shark sole , so it is strong against slippery roads .

kadoya official online

In the case of sneakers, when the sole wears out, it's over, but in the case of this leather high sneaker , the sole can be replaced!

It can be used for many years like boots!

kadoya official online

The leather has a semi-glossy look that is not shiny and has a luxurious feel. A simple design with only the brand name "ALTER KEIS" stamped instead of claiming the manufacturer's logo.

kadoya official online

The "Leather High Sneakers" are not only suitable for riding a motorcycle, but also can be easily worn in a car or on the street, combining the characteristics of sneakers and boots.

There is no doubt that it will be one of the new options for motorcycle riding ! Try out the usability unique to "Leather High Sneakers" !

The person who wrote this article / Nandy Kosuge

A freelance writer who is active in various motorcycle magazines.

When his first book, "Anime Bike Book" was published in 4c/7 pages in the French motorcycle magazine "Integral", it was widely introduced as "OTAKU D'EXTERIEUR", an exploration of motorcycles and anime. person.

Round eyes are hidden under sunglasses.