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Article: STAFF MAGAZINE-Vol.7 New materials and new challenges

STAFF MAGAZINE-Vol.7 New materials and new challenges

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A new mesh material with a calm texture that we started using from the 2020 spring/summer season.
This time, we would like to introduce two types of mesh jackets that will be released this season.

Article / Kadoya Magazine Editorial Department

– Towards a simple route that makes the most of textures –

The THOMPSON/MARKSMAN , which is the first to use a new mesh material with a calm texture, is designed with the image of a rider-like bike.

In the 2021 spring/summer season, we have released two types of mesh jackets with a simple design that makes you want to wear them casually and go out, taking advantage of the natural texture.


MEGALO is a mesh hoodie with a simple and familiar front design based on a sweat hoodie. By placing a shirring pad with a sponge insert that has both momentum and defense on the elbow, it expresses the riding gear-likeness and contrasts the design.


With coveralls as the base image, ACRO has a military-inspired design that is comfortable to wear and easy to use. For women's and men's, we have changed the details of the design to optimize the balance.

◆ Concept

The names MEGALO and ACRO are derived from the Latin words meaning <MEGALOPOLIS/big city> and <ACROPOLIS/high ground, city with a castle>. Named after the concept.

These two types have a large pocket on the back, which is also a manifestation of the idea of ​​"easily putting it on and riding a motorcycle empty-handed," and has become an icon in the back design.

◆ Commitment to the interior

Since it is something that can be easily put on, I was particular about adding functionality and originality to the lining side, which is not very noticeable, while thinking about the specifications that can be attached with pads as simply as possible.
For the lining, the back and armpits, which are prone to sweating, are made of highly sweat-absorbing and quick-drying mesh material, and the other areas are made of regular mesh material.

By using two types of linings in combination, unlike the conventional construction, a pocket is added using the switching line. As a result, even a single color expresses contrast and flavor. In the future, we are planning a design that is both functional and interesting, such as using a color scheme and using different materials.

Both MEGALO and ACRO are equipped with a urethane layer type spine PAD as standard equipment, and by making it possible to attach protectors to the shoulders, elbows, and chest, safety is ensured during summer riding, which tends to be thin.

◆ Graphic challenge

The adoption of graphics, which was the first attempt this time.

For polyester fabrics, it is common to print multiple colors on white fabric using a method called sublimation transfer . However, with this method, the cross section of the fabric remains white, and the color changes when the stretch fabric is stretched.

Therefore, by first dyeing the fabric to the right shade and then layering the color with a single color print on top of that, we repeated graphics and dyeing tests to create a slightly blurry and familiar texture.
It was a steady process, but as a result, we were able to complete an expression of interesting textures and colors that are rarely seen elsewhere.

In general, graphics are often created by arranging existing designs, but MEGALO/ACRO has adopted original graphics by our designer Kotani.

MEGALO adopts dazzle camouflage with a clear color scheme of geometric patterns.
Along with the casualness of the street, it creates a mode and sporty atmosphere.

ACRO is a camouflage that expresses light and shade with the size of dots (polka dots) .
While accenting the mesh material that tends to be flat, it expresses a calm and mature atmosphere that is not too flashy.

Both MEGALO and ACRO keep the overall design balance, and the randomly arranged camouflage pattern is slightly different for each piece, making it a unique piece for you.

KADOYA believes that the expression of visible patterns and graphics is important as a guideline for the direction and concept of the brand, and will continue to improve its understanding of materials and technology and take on challenges.

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