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Article: STAFF MAGAZINE-Vol.17 Gifts to give to loved ones at Christmas

STAFF MAGAZINE-Vol.17 Gifts to give to loved ones at Christmas

These days, when the nights are long and you feel the cold wind, have you prepared a special gift that will warm your heart for Christmas?

Gifts that are related to the recipient's lifestyle are sure to be appreciated. It might also be a good idea to choose a reward for yourself. In this article, for the Christmas season, we will introduce leather items that bikers would be happy to receive, as well as items that people of all ages and genders would be happy to receive .

Leather items that bikers would be happy to receive

Price: 35,200 yen Color: BLACK
Size: ML/L-LL

A leather waist bag with eye-catching traditional lattice stitching details. A long-selling item that is popular for its leather texture and fit when worn. Recommended for those who are thinking of giving a special item as a gift.

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Price: 42,900 yen Color: BLACK
Size: FREE

A leather bag that can be used in two ways. We recommend using it as a leg bag when riding a motorcycle, or as a shoulder bag for everyday use, depending on the occasion.

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Price: 23,100 yen Color: BLACK
Size: FREE

A multi-sized holster featuring a spiral leather strap. It was originally developed as a wallet holster, but it has adjustable features both vertically and horizontally, so it can store a variety of items.

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Items that people of all ages will be happy to receive.

Price: 7,480 yen Color: GRAY/BLACK
Size: FREE

At first glance, this item looks like an ordinary scarf, but it is actually a neck warmer made of wool fabric with a windproof film sandwiched between them. It does not unravel easily like a muffler, and has a structure that allows you to feel safe even with strong wind pressure when riding a motorcycle.

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Price: 9,350 yen Color: BROWN/BLACK
Size: FREE

A mini leather shoulder bag suitable for storing small items. The unique presence of leather material creates a subtle accent. It has a highly versatile and simple design, so it is recommended as a gift for a wide range of people.

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In addition, the wallet series introduced in the previous article may also be of interest.

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The winter solstice, the longest night of the year, is approaching.
We hope that the products introduced in this article can contribute to Christmas this year.

The person who wrote this article / Kenzaburo Kikuchi

After serving as manager of Kadoya Tokyo main store for about 10 years, he was assigned to the EC section of the sales department.

At the Tokyo main store, I was exposed to a lot of custom-made products and repairs, and deepened my insight into leather jackets. Prior to Kadoya, he was also an editor for the motorcycle magazine ``BORN Biker's'' (Motor Magazine).

Vehicle history includes GILERA SATURNO350, HONDA XR600R, SUZUKI DR-Z400S, DUCATI 350F3, etc.