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A shoulder bag that adapts to your body the more you use it.

HFG/SHOULDER BAG-STD / Used for 10 years
Favorite car BMW S1000RR / STAFF D.Asano

Leather products that have been used for a long time and have changed over time have a charm that attracts people.
"Staff favorite items" conveys the passion for products and the appeal of changes over time through Kadoya staff's favorite items.
This time, we would like to introduce the thoughts of our staff who love the standard item "HFG/SHOULDER BAG-STD" which has been on sale for over 10 years.

-Why did you choose this bag?

I'm not picky about what I wear, so even when I was wearing a rider's jacket, I used to use a nylon shoulder bag that wasn't made for motorcycles.

For a while, that nylon bag was enough for me, but one day the plastic buckle broke and I couldn't use it anymore, so I started looking for a new shoulder bag that was big enough to be used for day trips.

I was attracted to the HFG/SHOULDER BAG-STD with its textured leather and sturdy appearance, but what made me decide to purchase it was the option of attaching a belt ( BELT for HFG/SHOULDER BAG ), which is sold separately. In fact, it was designed so that it would not roll around in front even when riding in a riding position.

-How did you feel after actually using it?

There was no doubt that it gave a sturdy impression. It's been about 10 years since I've used it in a variety of situations, from motorcycles to daily use, and my HFG/SHOULDER BAG-STD has never broken.

Also, I felt like it could hold more things than I expected. It's useful when touring because you can roll up your smartphone, valuables, and even a thin windproof inner layer.

I couldn't have imagined anything else, but after using it for a few years, I felt it fit my back better. You may not have heard that a bag fits your body, but I feel that the HFG/SHOULDER BAG is a bag that changes over time, just like a jacket or boots.

-Please tell us your favorite points

I'm not the type to be picky about things, but I've found myself becoming attached to them. The gold hardware looked flashy at first, but as I used it, the color faded and now it's my favorite feature.

Another thing I like is the texture of the leather. I think it depends on maintenance and usage, but the texture has changed over time from the crisp texture when new to a chewy yet soft texture.

I think this is a way to enjoy leather bags that you can't get with nylon bags.

-A word to those who are thinking about purchasing

I think a motorcycle is a vehicle that can be deeply understood by riding it and running it, but the HFG/SHOULDER BAG is a bag that you can truly appreciate by using it in the same way as a motorcycle.

I'm looking forward to continuing to use it and see how its expression will change from its current state.