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Simple double riders without functionality

TWR / Usage history 7 years favorite car GSX-R1000 / STAFF Y.Miyazaki

Leather products that have been used for a long time and have changed over time have a charm that attracts people.

Staff favorite items that convey the passion for products and the appeal of changes over time through Kadoya staff's favorite items.

This time, we would like to introduce the thoughts of our staff who love the model "TWR", which is the predecessor to the current product "TWR-2".


-Why did you choose this jacket?

At that time, most of the people around me were single riders, so single riders weren't an option for me. I had previously owned flight jackets, so I chose the double riders, which I had never owned before.

Among the lineup of products with excellent functionality such as vest-type liners and ventilation, this jacket's slender silhouette and elegance without functionality seemed appealing to me. I was getting a little tired of the single riders I was wearing at the time, so this jacket caught my eye at just the right time.

TWR front

-How did you feel after actually using it?

I think the leather that is neither too hard nor too soft is suitable for my usage. Compared to dye-finished leather, it fades more slowly, so it's easier to handle roughly. Since the length is long, it was convenient to have a reverse zipper.

TWR side

-Please tell us your favorite points

In addition to the minimum functionality required, I like the fact that it has a tight silhouette but is easy to move around in.

TWR elbow
TWR cuffs

-A word to those who are thinking about purchasing

The model has been changed to TWR-2, and the design allows for easier movement, expanding the range of comfortable riding positions. Although it is made of soft leather, it is sturdy so you can rest assured that you won't feel the softness of the leather.

TWR back

What I personally think is important is that the tension increases through the sleeves. I would be happy if everyone could come across such a jacket.