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Article: STAFF FAVORITE Items Vol.02 -TSR



Leather products that have been used for a long time and have changed over time have a charm that attracts people.

Staff favorite items that convey the passion for products and the appeal of changes over time through Kadoya staff's favorite items.

This time, we would like to introduce the thoughts of our staff who love the model "TSR", which is the predecessor to the current product "TSR-2".

Riders who feel like they can go anywhere

TSR / Used history 6 years Favorite car GB250 CLUBMAN / STAFF A.mitsumasa

A man wearing a motorcycle and TSR

-Why did you choose this jacket?

I chose this jacket because I thought it could be worn in a variety of situations.

TSR is characterized by its simple and slender silhouette, and I think it overlaps with the single rider that many people imagine.

One of the reasons I bought it was because I looked at the size specs and thought I could wear it in a tight fit just like the image.

Riders jacket TSR

-How did you feel after actually using it?

Although it has a tight silhouette, it is very useful because it allows you to maintain a stress-free riding posture. You can run comfortably while maintaining the style you envisioned.

I wear them when riding long distances, but they're especially good when riding around town. It's a classic single rider, so I feel like I can blend in with the city and go anywhere.

A man wearing TSR and riding a motorcycle

-Please tell us your favorite points

For those who like leather, there may be no need to explain, but I love the look of well-used leather.

I like the simple design, but also the secret designs such as the brightly colored lining and the long zipper.

TSR back image

Although it does not have a particularly distinctive design, it is a jacket that you will always wear because it is so easy to use.

Recommended for a wide range of people, from beginners to experts, regardless of the type of car such as sports bikes or American bikes.