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Article: Staff favorite items Vol.01 - KA-GIJ

Staff favorite items Vol.01 - KA-GIJ

Staff favorite items Vol.01 - KA-GIJ

Leather products that have been used for a long time and have changed over time have a charm that attracts people.

``Staff favorite items'' conveys Kadoya staff's passion for products and the appeal of changes over time through their favorite items. This time, we would like to introduce staff member Kikuchi's thoughts on his favorite product, KA-GIJ.

A mysterious presence that establishes individuality

KA-GIJ / Used history 14 years Favorite car DR-Z400S / Staff Kenzaburo Kikuchi

Male staff wearing engineer boots

-Why did you choose these boots?

I bought these because I had a strong interest in them since I had never worn engineer boots, and thought that if I was going to buy them anyway, it would be better to choose ones that were simple, sturdy, and of good quality.

To be honest, I remember thinking about it for about a year before purchasing it. The vehicle I was riding at the time was an off-road bike, and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to own boots in this price range for a bike.

Engineer boots that have acquired a taste after years of use.

-How did you feel after actually using it?

I've been wearing it almost every day since purchasing it. I feel that engineer boots have a mysterious presence that establishes a person's individuality.

In the end, I wore different motocross boots when I rode seriously off-road, and I often wore jeans when riding on a daily basis, so I rarely had the opportunity to worry about compatibility with the car model. did.

-Please tell us your favorite points

The 3.0mm thick main body leather felt too hard when I first started wearing it, but the more I wear it, the more I get used to it, and now it feels like it fits better than any other boot I own.

Also, one of my favorite points is that the brass buckle gradually darkens over time, but after spending 14 years on it, this has become normal and I have fallen in love with it all over again.

Currently, I like the idea of ​​having engineer boots that are shaped just for me.

Footsteps of male staff walking

These boots are made of extremely thick leather, so we don't recommend them to people who are looking for light weight, but those who are looking for authentic engineer boots should definitely know about these boots.

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