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Article: STAFF MAGAZINE-Vol.2 Season theme story

STAFF MAGAZINE-Vol.2 Season theme story

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Story of the season theme

What does the 2020 spring/summer theme "SUN TAILORS" mean?

-Preface from the designer-

I haven't put it out anywhere until now, but when I launch a project design, I've set a "season theme" for many seasons.

I get ideas from words, scenes, and music , and expand from there and put together a design document of about 20 pages.

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This is for internal use only, so it will not go outside at all.

But every time it's a waste of time. In vain... lol It's a draft document for a product that will be released over the next year and a half, so it won't take shape as it is.

You could call it ``the circumstances of an adult with a corporate designer''... However,

Because of this, I can create an image while consistently boiling down from the launch of the project to the final product.

Also, I definitely acquired presentation skills!

Leaving aside the irrelevant story of the designer,

This 20SS (Spring/Summer) season. For the first time, I would like to explain the theme.

Kadoya this season
What does "SUN TAILORS" mean?

The very first was "Suntalers" ..or rather, the underlying theme is completely untouched.

LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER and BOOTS SOCKS were originally scheduled to be released in this season, and the pants hem was rolled up for styling.

(Originally forbidden if you ride a motorcycle?)

While thinking about the silhouette balance of the light summer season, the starting point was the remark , "Is Suntalaz good?"

However, since it was just the starting point of the design, I boiled down various things from there.

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after that,

"Summer sun" "Open-minded" "Enjoying motorcycles" There is "less than a minute = Suntarers" Finally "To those who spin the sun / Motorcycle riders who enjoy the open summer"

When the image swells to a place like this Start designing products and logos.

↓ Here is the actual sketch ↓

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TAILOR is a tailor, so it is not something that is spun, but this is just a free translation.

I'm a designer with two diseases that such nuances fit nicely.

It creates an open atmosphere and raises the tension of the wearer.

Yet, it is something that blends into the wearer's motorcycle life.

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It can withstand hard use and can be worn for a long time. While repeating corrections and improvements during the prototyping process,

I would like you to enjoy the collection, which has finally been released a year and a half after creating the original plan (draw a sketch). !

2020Spring Summer SUN TAILORS Collection

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