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Article: Ride on bike magazine vol.8

Ride on bike magazine vol.8

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N-3B "N-3R" for speeding

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A world that reflects the world of motorcycles and leather jackets that run through the passage of time.

When wearing a leather jacket and riding various motorcycles

how does that running look

how does that leather jacket fit

You can tell by the fitting of the riding position

The essence of KADOYA riders jacket.

“Man Machine Leather” which is fascinated by BG photographer.


The "N-3R" is a military jacket for extreme cold air force N-3B that has been sublimated to Riders specifications in pursuit of practicality with high-quality cow leather. The MIL spec for the cockpit was overwritten with the Riders spec that exposes the body to the cold wind, pursuing preparation and cold protection.

kadoya official online

Compared to the original "Military Jacket N-3B", the length is slightly shortened to create a silhouette that wraps around the hips in the riding position. You can see that the hem around the hem eliminates unnecessary flapping and interference with the seat, and that the sleeves and back do not stretch and enable natural bundle operation. The HEAD FACTORY pattern, which has been calculated not only for its practicality in the riding position, but also for its beauty in a standing posture, does not spoil its appearance even as a street wear.

kadoya official online

The puckering (wrinkle processing on the sewn part), which is a characteristic of flight jackets, is also moderately incorporated to bring out the luxury of the leather in addition to the original taste. A thin, lightweight and soft oil cowl is used for the main body so that the half coat length does not add weight.

kadoya official online

The front is made with a zip, top and bottom fly, and a large button closure to prevent cold wind from entering. A slider with a leather pull that makes it easy to raise and lower the slider even with gloves on. Rider SPEC dwells in every detail.

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The lining is equipped with pockets for attaching protectors (sold separately) on the shoulders and elbows, and specifications that can be customized for safety. A detachable spine pad is standard equipment on the back.

kadoya official online

The cuffs are rib knit on the inside and have a dot button fastening strap on the front side for cold protection.

kadoya official online

The collar of the large hood can be attached and detached with a zip and dot buttons, and a boa is placed inside the hood to increase heat retention. A size adjustment strap is placed on the back of the hood to allow the hood to be shortened. Specifications for riding are included.

kadoya official online

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