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Article: Ref - Vol.2 Maintenance techniques - knowhow -

Ref - Vol.2 Maintenance techniques - knowhow -

Leather care goods

Ref - Vol.2

The more you use leather products, the more you use them, the more you become attached to them. However, when used while riding a motorcycle, it is likely to get dirty.

In order to prevent damage and maintain its condition, it is important to take care of it on a regular basis, just like with our skin. Here we will introduce self-maintenance methods to ensure that you can use your leather products for a long time.

(When using maintenance agents such as cleaners and oils, be sure to test on an inconspicuous area to ensure that no stains or discoloration occur.)


brushing a leather jacket

Use a horsehair brush to remove dirt and dust from the leather surface. Don't forget to brush the seams as well. If the dirt is heavy, wipe the leather surface with a tightly wrung wet towel.


Leather cleaning liquid

Apply Ref / LEATHER CLEANER through the cloth until your fingers are slightly damp. When the cleaner dries, apply an appropriate amount onto the cloth again.


Remove dirt from leather jacket

Wipe the entire leather several times. By doing this, you can get closer to what your skin calls a no-makeup state. Dirt and color will transfer to the cloth, but this is a sign that old oil and dirt that has been transferred has been removed.


Three types of leather oil

The finish varies depending on the oil characteristics, such as matte finish, natural finish, and glossy finish, so please choose the oil according to your preference.


How to use leather oil

Apply your chosen oil to the clean side of the cloth. Please use a small amount of oil at a time.


How to apply leather oil

Apply the oil in a thin layer so that it covers the entire leather. If there is not enough oil, add it little by little.


Finishing with a brush for leather jacket maintenance

Brush the entire leather with a horsehair brush to absorb the nutrients in the oil. For larger areas, it is more efficient to use a larger brush. At that time, we recommend using a different brush than the one used for dust removal.


Mouton finishing for leather jacket maintenance

From here on, we will introduce the "one step" steps that we recommend for those who want to be more particular about the finish. Wipe the entire surface with the shearling side of the shearling gloves. Dry wiping removes excess oil left on the surface and prevents stickiness.


Finishing with shearling lining for leather jacket maintenance

Finally, wipe the entire area with the suede side of the shearling gloves. Polishing the leather on the suede side gives it a high-quality luster. By using the finished shearling gloves, the oil will blend in and enhance the flavor, allowing you to enjoy aging.

What is Ref series?

We want our customers to continue wearing our products for a longer period of time. Introducing a maintenance item series from Ref Leather, a leather cleaning company. Ref Leather craftsmen examine a wide variety of maintenance products and select the items that are best suited for leather jackets.

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