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Article: Ref - Vol.1 (Beginning.)

Ref - Vol.1 (Beginning.)

In order for you to continue wearing your leather jacket for a longer period of time.

Ref - Vol.1 (Beginning)

Make it, use it, wash it, fix it

We want our customers to continue wearing our products for a longer period of time.

A new development for KADOYA-RefLeather begins.

Introducing maintenance items from a leather specialist cleaning shop.

We want our customers to continue wearing our products for a longer period of time.

A new development for KADOYA-RefLeather begins.

Use of leather milk

- chance -

The word sustainable.

From around the beginning of 2018, I started hearing this unfamiliar word a lot.

sustainable = sustainable

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the definition of sustainability differs depending on the company, and a wide variety of initiatives are being undertaken.

As a company, we cannot ignore these words.

Naturally, Kadoya has also faced those words.

What can Kadoya do to make it more sustainable?

And I arrived at an answer.

That is, ``I want people to continue wearing it for a long time.''

repaired leather jacket

Since its founding in 1935, Kadoya has been handling leather products and providing repairs.

On the 70th anniversary of our founding, we started a cleaning shop specializing in leather products (Ref Leather).

We have expanded our after-sales support so that customers can continue to cherish and cherish their products long after they receive them.

Without thinking too much about it, I have the same attitude towards leather products that I have been working on for the past 85 years. That in itself is sustainable for Kadoya.

Leather cleaning factory equipment

But is that okay? It's important to face things with the same stance as before, but I wonder if it's possible to make one outfit last longer.

Fortunately, Kadoya has craftsmen who make leather jackets and craftsmen who wash leather jackets, and they have a wealth of know-how.

In particular, the craftsmen who wash reflex leather jackets often receive inquiries about leather jackets that have accumulated damage.

``What can I do to keep wearing a leather jacket for a longer period of time?'' I asked them this question.

Interior view of the leather cleaning factory


“Of course regular cleaning and repairs are important, but self-maintenance is even more important in order to continue wearing your clothes for a longer period of time.

All we can do is wash and repair .

The lifespan of a leather jacket will be extended depending on how well the person who spends the most time with it maintains it. ”

That's certainly true.

However, since you are doing repairs and cleaning, is it not enough to just use such professional services?

brushing a leather jacket


``I'm sure there are some people who think that if something happens to your leather jacket, you should just take it to a repair shop or a dry cleaner.

However, in order to use it for a longer period of time, appropriate self-maintenance is required. ”

``It's something people tend to think about, but when I take it to the dry cleaners, my clothes look like new!

I've heard people say that it's like new ! This is just a story , and the damage will not be repaired even if you take it to the dry cleaners. Damage is accumulating properly. ”

"Self-maintenance is not something you should do just because it's dirty, but it's important to prevent damage from accumulating .

For example, to prevent sudden rain, dirt, and mold, in addition to applying oil, you can also apply a water-repellent finish.

By doing so, the surface of the leather is protected and damage accumulation is completely different. ”

"In fact, when you clean a leather jacket from someone who has done such maintenance, the result is completely different from one from someone who hasn't done any maintenance. Well, that's to be expected."

So, when should you clean it?

Storage status of leather clothing


“Of course, as humans, there are limits to how much we can use them.

If there is mold or dirt on it and you can't do anything about it, please bring it to us.

As a professional, I will finish it as neatly as possible.

At that time, if you ask us, ``How should we maintain it in the future?'', we will be able to give you advice tailored to your leather jacket. ”

``Also, as the name suggests, our store (Ref Leather) emphasizes refreshment.

No matter how much maintenance you do to prevent it, dirt will still accumulate, and it is important to thoroughly remove sweat and sebum stains from the lining.

The ideal is to wear it once every two to three years if you wear it as street clothes on weekends during the season, and once every two to three years if you wear it frequently while riding a motorcycle, although it depends on how often you use it. ~We recommend cleaning once every two years.

I see, now you can wear one piece for a longer period of time.

Perhaps due to the enthusiasm of the craftsmen, or perhaps because the temperature in the room rose slightly, I felt cheerful.

But no...wait.

There are so many types of maintenance goods that it's hard to know which one to buy.

Have you ever had an experience like this?

Then Kadoya/Ref Leather will offer items that really go well with leather jackets.

Machine used for cleaning

Thus began KADOYA-RefLeather's unique care product development concept.

"So that our customers can continue to wear our products for a longer period of time."

It is our pride and pride that we have been handling leather products for 85 years.

And the challenge of sustainability with an eye on the times

Turn thoughts into shapes – Ref series

leather oil and leather milk

Left: leather oil (leather oil) and right: leather milk (leather milk)

Ref Leather's craftsmen inspected many types of maintenance products, selected the best solution for leather jackets, and released it in an original package that would look great even when placed indoors or in the garage.

The lineup includes two types: leather oil and leather milk.

Leather milk is recommended for those who want to add luster as it is highly penetrating and easily produces a shine.

Leather oil spreads well and blends well with leather products, so it is recommended for those who do not want to add shine.

Next time I will talk about each item.

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