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Article: 3 season leather perfect for fall

3 season leather perfect for fall

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3 season leather perfect for fall

Autumn is in full swing in October.

Perfect for this season, 3 season leather outerwear

This time, we will introduce new and classic recommended items from the point of view of the planner.

What is 3 season outerwear?

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<From left: perforated leather / 3 season leather / winter leather for cold weather>

There are various types of leather outerwear.

The 3-season outerwear that we are introducing this time does not use cold-proof materials such as batting or fleece lining for the lining.

We often hear the opinion that "leather outerwear is warm", but leather is only meant to shut out the wind when running.

In order to increase heat retention, layering such as batting and innerwear is essential.

So, to put it the other way around, the advantage of a 3-season outerwear is that you can wear it longer depending on the innerwear and midler.

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This season's new & classic 3 season leathers

In recent years, in addition to the demand for protectors, there is also an increasing need to wear them more stylishly.

Therefore, the design necessary for riding and

(Movement amount, how to put on a roomy amount, how to put on a protector pocket, etc.)

We are seriously thinking about the balance with the appearance.

(Silhouette, detail design, sewing processing, etc.)

A lineup of new and classic products that are not just riding wear, but are proud to be a leather clothing brand that is beautiful and comfortable, proposing "just right".


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This season's new single riders.

While maintaining specifications that can be equipped with protectors for each part and "amount of room", we have rebalanced the momentum and silhouette.

While the silhouette is as simple and beautiful as possible, it should not be stretched even if the arm is extended straight forward.

We have secured an abundant amount of exercise and are making it to correspond to all types of vehicles.

The fasteners on each part are designed to hide bugs to reduce interference with the vehicle body and improve wind resistance, making it more versatile.

In addition, we have a wide range of size lineups that can cover various body types.


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This is another new work, an unusual item that was developed by the planning staff's dogmatic decision... (laughs)

Light and soft goat leather is used, and the lining is made of spun nylon material that stretches and slides well.

You can wear it like an inner shirt, and you can enjoy coordinating it with a layered fabric outer that is different from traditional leather coordinating.

Since I'm mainly thinking about going out on a motorcycle for a while and wearing it everyday, I won't be equipped with a pocket for a protector.


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universal riders jacket

A single rider suit with a design that includes the same amount of momentum as EURUS, and features a zipper arrangement that looks like a rider suit.

It does not come with shoulder, elbow, and chest pad bags, but it is equipped with a quilted cotton vest type liner to handle temperature changes in spring/autumn and winter.

The VNS-4 has a regular color collar, which gives it a more casual look and is recommended for classic bikes and standard naked models.


kadoya official online

Double riders updated to balance rich momentum and silhouette.

While standing out as the classic American double riders, the balance of the lapel, epaulettes, and pockets have been slightly modified to modernize the classic atmosphere in Kadoya style.

Equipped with a vest type quilted liner like FPS-2 and VNS-4, it is useful in winter.

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