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Article: Miyu Hazuki's "Floating Touring" Atsumi Peninsula: Part 3

Miyu Hazuki's "Floating Touring" Atsumi Peninsula: Part 3

Miyu Hazuki's "Floating Touring" Atsumi Peninsula: Part 3

I'm Miyu Hazuki

I want to enjoy touring without losing to the cold ♫ Maybe the sun was warm on the day I ran and it was easy to run!

The report on Atsumi Peninsula is also the last! (Actually, there are still a lot of things I want to introduce...)

This time…

[Nanohana Festival]

"Irago Rape Flower Garden" and other areas around the Atsumi Peninsula

The runway spot is one of the best spots I walk around every time!

This is the third time I've been to Irago Nanohana Garden, and every time I see it, it's impressive.

At Natchi no Oka, you can go sledding on the grassy slopes.

It didn't seem to be limited to children, so I tried it as an adult! It was quite fast and powerful and fun, so I wanted to do it one more time, but I'm an adult, so I ended it with one time (laughs)

Irago Nanohana Garden has rape blossoms in spring and sunflowers in summer.

It is said that the rape blossoms will bloom in early spring, and the seeds will be sown early so that the sunflowers will bloom during the Obon period, and the rape blossoms will be sown as soon as the Obon period is over.

Last time, I was only able to see about two sunflowers blooming, so I hope I can get revenge again in the summer ♫

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[cafe peer]

A coffee and food shop along Route 42.

The "Torotoro miso katsudon" that I ate during the "Melon ni Melomero Stamp Rally" was delicious, and I wanted to eat it again, so I ordered it again this time!

I don't usually like to eat miso katsudon, but when I first ate this katsudon, I was surprised at how delicious it was.

The meat was soft and thin, and it was surprisingly easy to eat, but I was impressed by how full I felt!

"Toro Toro" is "Toro" of Tororo!

It's interesting that it contains grated yam, and I'm happy that it contains a lot of green onions, which I love.♫

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[Donburi Highway]

The "Donburi Kaido Stamp Rally" held on the Atsumi Peninsula has 23 shops participating this time, and there are gifts depending on the stamp rally achievement conditions.

You can go around slowly because it is held for two years! It seems that the donburi products that are exhibited have passed a fairly strict examination.

During the melon ni melomero stamp rally, I ate a toro toro miso katsudon at the café Pia and a bowl of shirasu from the noodle shop Haichi no Shirasu. I became interested in the fact that the products are also delicious.

If you are nearby, please join us. Also, I would be happy if you could tell me your recommendations!

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[Akabane Loco Station]

Around Long Beach

A roadside station with a market fruit and seafood corner, an information corner and a rest area.

There are so many flowers grown in Tahara City that it is said that there is no flower that does not exist.


[Lulu Moana], where you can enjoy Hawaiian barbecue, has seats where you can sit comfortably. The parking lot is large, so it's a great place to park your bike, enjoy the scenery, and take a break.

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Miyu Hazuki Introduction of travel items

Semi-double riders in pursuit of simplicity!



Semi-double riders with a simple and tight form that accentuates the design that draws a beautiful body line.

A small stand-up collar is used to create a neat collar. The semi-double front is fully zipped up to emphasize the plain structure, creating a three-dimensional effect in a more beautiful form.

Zips with gussets and adjustment belts with dot buttons are placed on both sides of the hem, making it possible to adjust the width around the hem.

Model/travel: Miyu Hazuki Photo: Naoyuki Shibata

Edited by: Motor Magazine Co., Ltd. Cooperation: Atsumi Peninsula Tourism Bureau

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