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Article: Miyu Hazuki's "Floating Touring" Atsumi Peninsula: Part 2

Miyu Hazuki's "Floating Touring" Atsumi Peninsula: Part 2

Miyu Hazuki's "Floating Touring" Atsumi Peninsula: Part 2

I'm Miyu Hazuki

I want to ride my bike even in winter! So I ran the Atsumi Peninsula with perfect protection against the cold, but the wind was strong (laughs).

Last time, we introduced the EXILE windmill and Larders Temple on the Atsumi Peninsula!

This time…

[Irago Cape Lighthouse]

Around Cape Irago

A white lighthouse standing at the tip of the Atsumi Peninsula.

It was windy that day, and it was difficult to walk on the promenade to the lighthouse, but I was relieved to see a little boy walking with his family on his shoulders with his father.

On one side, the view of the sky and the sea is very good. You can see it in the daytime, but I think it will be a nice view even if you come in the evening!

It's a lover's sanctuary, so it would be nice to come with your lover on a motorcycle and take a walk while looking at the lighthouse and the sea.

[Koijigahama/Parking lot/Motorcycle parking lot]

Around Cape Irago


It is lined with cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Tahara City is famous for big clams! You can eat the big clams here ♫

I love large clams, so I always eat large clam set meals!! I guess. But after all, the large clam set meal that can only be eaten in this area is stable.

Also, when riding a motorcycle, sometimes you want to go indoors and take a break.

◎Bell of Happiness

In 2006, the bell of a certified memorial monument was installed as a sacred place for lovers.

When I went there, there were no bells, but it would be nice to come on a motorcycle date with your lover and ring them together! If the bell is installed again, I'd like you to go and see it! A photo stand was also set up, so you can take a selfie photo ♫

◎Four Leaf Clover

It is said to be the birthplace of the four-leaf clover.

When I came here last summer, there were a lot of healthy and lively clovers growing, but in winter it felt a little lonely. Still, I found out that there are clovers even in winter!

◎Monument with a key

And the key of happiness was hanging around the four-leaf clover!

I wonder if everyone is locking it with a request? ♫

Putting a key on a four-leaf clover makes me feel like it might come true.

The "wish-fulfilling key set" is sold at a shop near Koijigahama for 980 yen per set.

◎Koijigahama Beach

It's kind of my routine to stop by here to have a meal, look at the sea for a while, and then walk towards the clover and bells.

This time, I somehow went to the sea and looked at it, but it's a beautiful blue sea!

Here you can enjoy a lot at once.

◎ Thought stone

Make a wish and lift the clover-shaped stone, and if it feels light, your wish will come true.

I had always only seen it from the front side, so when I went to the back side, I noticed for the first time that there was this Omoi-ishi.

So I tried to carry it, but it might not come true because it was too heavy to lift.

When I thought that, I was too desperate to ask for anything (laughs)

[Strawberry picking]

Strawberry Picking: Strawberry Garden Tahara

239-1 Iwamoto, Takamatsucho, Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture


Performance period: Mid- December to end of May

Price: January 7th to March 31st (adult: 1700 yen) April 1st to the end of May (adult: 1300 yen)

It was fun to be able to eat and compare 3 types of breeds!

Of course, they all have different tastes, but they were all sweet and very fresh and delicious. I can't choose which one is the best, but Akihime is especially sweet and I think it's my favorite♡

They had just thinned out for the weekend, but I was surprised that none of the strawberries were sour and they were all delicious!

It's such a big house, but it's well managed.

It was my first time picking such delicious strawberries, and while eating, I wanted to come again (laughs).

Click here for details

[Red Fornia]

Oishi, Akabane-cho, Tahara City

Because the slope is steep, there are very few people who stop their bikes on the way to take pictures. smile)

When going down the slope, you can run while looking at the row of palm trees and the sea in front of you.

You can also shoot the sunset on a sunny day, and it seems that the sunrise and the starry sky are also beautiful photo spots.

If you turn right, the beautiful sea spreads further and it feels good.

It's a scenery that you can't help but admire, but it's dangerous if you admire it too much, so it's moderate (laughs)

Also, instead of guardrails, I think a block wall would be a good point.

If you run along the road as it is, there is a parking lot, and you can also go to the sandy beach! The beautiful sea makes me want to stop.

Miyu Hazuki Introduction of travel items

Full punch leather jacket for summer!



Single rider suit for summer using cow leather with 2mm diameter punching.

The distinctive design that adopts the diagonally arranged front zipper incorporates the idea of ​​fixing the upper front like a lapel by using the dot button on the right chest.

A double zipper is adopted that does not affect the riding posture even with a middle length. Although it is an extremely simple design, it has two zipper pockets on both sides. An inner pocket with a zipper opening is provided on the left side of the body. The polyester mesh lining provides a smooth feel even during the sweaty season.

Model/travel: Miyu Hazuki Photo: Naoyuki Shibata

Edited by: Motor Magazine Co., Ltd. Cooperation: Atsumi Peninsula Tourism Bureau

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