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Article: Miyu Hazuki's "Freedom and Fluffy Touring" Atsumi Peninsula Edition: Part 1

Miyu Hazuki's "Freedom and Fluffy Touring" Atsumi Peninsula Edition: Part 1

Miyu Hazuki's "Freedom and Fluffy Touring" Atsumi Peninsula Edition: Part 1

I'm Miyu Hazuki

I'm getting hit by the cold of winter, but I want to ride a motorcycle! So I ran to a fun place ♫

This time, to Atsumi Peninsula in Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture!

I would like to report on the attractions of Atsumi Peninsula, which I often visit!

[EXILE windmill]

Around Cape Irago

There are seven windmills lined up along the coast.

It seems that it came to be called "EXILE windmill" because it turns around in a line like EXILE's Choo Choo TRAIN dance, and it seems to be a good shooting spot.

When I ran, the wind was very strong and I was a little scared, but is it good for wind power generation? (smile)

There aren't many cars on the road, so it feels good to be able to leisurely run along the seaside that shines!

[Choonji Temple]

Around Fukue City: 37 Haranoshima, Fukue-cho, Tahara City

Choonji Temple, known for its wisteria, is also known as the "Riders Temple"!

You can ask for prayers for motorcycles and bicycles, and buy amulets for motorcycles.

Then, KADOYA's bench was installed, so I sat down immediately!

Of course, it's a normal bench when you sit on it, but it's a KADOYA bench, so it felt strange. It would be nice to visit temples where benches from various manufacturers are placed.

It is installed in a place where you can enjoy the view depending on the season, so it might be a good idea to visit when the famous wisteria blooms.

Choonji is also known as a baseball temple, and many professional baseball goods were displayed inside the temple. My younger brother plays baseball, so I thought I'd like to bring him.

The inside of the temple is so beautiful, and it's so spacious that it's like a maze...I got lost (laughs).

There were many kinds of amulets for motorcycles!!

There was even an amulet made to keep you safe even if it got wet in the rain.

[Isewan Ferry]

Around Cape Irago

I've been to this place many times, but this was the first time I saw a ferry sailing!!

The moment I stopped the bike, the ferry started to move, so I was very impatient, but I was relieved that the photo shoot was successful (laughs)

This is the Isewan Ferry, which connects Cape Irago and Hatori City in Mie Prefecture in 55 minutes.

Riding a motorcycle is also OK, so I think it's possible to take a long holiday and ride a motorcycle and travel to Irago & Mie ♫

(Roadside Station Irago Crystal Porto, which also serves as the Isewan Passenger Terminal, is temporarily closed for renovations until early June 2023.)

Miyu Hazuki travel item introduction

Goatskin is the new leather jacket that you can easily wear!


EURUS-GS Lady/Black

The design is a simple single rider, but it adopts a smart silhouette unique to the ladies' model.

This item is characterized by its lightness and comfort, using luxurious goatskin that is robust and supple with a reduced thickness, and adopting the pattern of our own factory "Head Factory" that pursues the movement of a motorcycle rider.

A double fastener is used for the front fastener to avoid interference with the fuel tank, etc. when riding in a bent forward position. The single stand-up collar keeps the height down and has a pattern that follows the smooth body line from the shoulder to the neck, reducing interference and burden when wearing a helmet.

Model/travel: Miyu Hazuki Photo: Naoyuki Shibata

Edited by: Motor Magazine Co., Ltd. Cooperation: Atsumi Peninsula Tourism Bureau

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