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Article: - Leather is your partner.

- Leather is your partner.

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- Leather is your partner.

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Before I knew it, my everyday clothes were full of motorcycle gear.

One day, he suddenly appeared, and before I knew it, he was there.

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kadoya official online

kadoya official online

My favorite chunky leather jacket, my left toe boot, my gloves, these things make my life easier.

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I am drawn to old things. Things that have been cherished for many years become soulful and human.

It's been about 40 years since my beloved SR bike, but when I face this bike, I have the illusion that my heart is strangely connected.

I'm sure this leather jacket and boots are the same.

That's why I want to continue to care for you in the future.

It may be about 20-30 years from now when my life will be the most comfortable.

At that time, everything will age well and become a gathering of hermit-like figures.

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I went out to see autumn leaves. It's a little cold, but it's just the right season for a leather jacket.

I run while thinking that it's a good weather to wear a leather jacket at times like this.

A ride where you can feel the change of the four seasons.

Sometimes it's a little inconvenient, but I want to take you to various places from now on.

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If I run at night, I choose this leather jacket.

It is very comfortable to wear and I like the hood around the neck. Easy to use everyday and looks good on my bike.

Whether you're running alone or inviting friends, this leather jacket is always with you.

There are outerwear made of various materials, but I don't think there is anything else that will last as long as this one.

Leather is your companion. I will continue to wear and run.

"Leather is a partner." YU.SR500 / Produced by Life with a Favorite Car | Kadoya Original Content Now Available

The person who wrote this article / Yu Yanagihara

Hobbies include reading, cafes, motorcycles, motorcycle maintenance, cars, and movies.

His favorite car is YAMAHA SR500. Alfa Romeo Spider. Citroen AMI8.