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Article: Kadoya's leather jacket Yohoyama story - Part 4 - Irregular serialization

Kadoya's leather jacket Yohoyama story - Part 4 - Irregular serialization

Kadoya's leather jacket Yohoyama story

Part 4 Japanese body type

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Unfortunately people get fat.

It would be nice if the overall thickness increased like Westerners, but unfortunately the chest of many Asians is thin and only the belly is exposed.

Just like before RIZAP's treatment, no matter how you look at it, there's the bare minimum of sloppy men.

photograph(main cut): Taka Masui
text : James Sekijima
model : Animal & Konimal
Editorial cooperation: VIBES

But even so, a man's instincts are tinged with sorrow,
I'm looking for coolness.

No matter how sloppy your figure is, you want to be popular with women!

There is no cloud in such an ultimate thought.

And if it's a motorcycle rider who is generally narcissistic, it's even more so.

kadoya official online

No matter what I look like, I want to be a cool motorcycle rider, and my instincts tell me that a leather jacket is the best way to do that.

I think that the ultimate romance of a leather jacket is right here.

kadoya official online

Unfortunately, even though I thought so, the only exceptions were some musicians who didn't show their stomachs and continued to wear leather jackets.

He withdraws from aiming for the first move , finds a compromise around second place, and prepares an excuse for himself in the end.

You can't be popular with women with such a "Taitaraku" !

There is no curtain of romance!!

“I don’t know at what stage Kadoya, who has been in business for over 80 years, thought that way, but (I don’t know if he thought so in the first place…). It was a fact that I noticed early on. 』

Kadoya has a history of full order that has been cultivated for many years, and it is said that a large amount of various body data of more than 1500 is actually accumulated from thick to thin.

kadoya official online

As the general size setting increases, the length and width synergistically increase. Therefore, if an overweight person fits their belly, the sleeve length and the length of the dress will inevitably become long and unfashionable.

If Japanese people, who have a different body shape balance, substitute western leather jackets, the tragedy of the width and length not matching is likely to occur.

In that regard, at Kadoya, even if it is 3L or 4L, it is not set to 190cm, which is the same as Westerners , but each leather jacket is tailored according to the body shape balance that suits Japanese people.

Another important thing is the posture when riding a motorcycle, for example, the state in which the arm is raised to grasp the handle.

This seemingly simple movement is actually very complicated. Not only the arm moves, but also the position of the shoulder, Kadoya's pattern incorporates such movement, which creates excellent comfort for motorcycle riders. . kadoya official online

The sizing is based on familiarity with the people of Japan who were born in this way. Size setting for fat men who have become cramped in the standard model. Know-how on the difference between a general jacket and a riding jacket.

Kadoya's leather jacket, which is backed by history, is a piece that guarantees the romance of all men who want to be popular with women.

POINT. 1 Adjustable waist belt

kadoya official online

With adjustment function corresponding to changes in body shape.
If you're a little thin and you're worried about fluttering, just tighten it.
And vice versa.

POINT.2 Convenient inner pocket

kadoya official online

A convenient inner pocket for small items.
Just the right size for storing various items such as motorcycle keys.

POINT.3 Luxury ZIP puller

kadoya official online

KADOYA stamped ZIP pulls are used for the front, cuffs, and pockets.
Although it is a casual point, it enhances the texture.

POINT.4 You can remove the liner! All season model!

kadoya official online

Uses Comfortax batting that boasts high heat retention while being thin and lightweight.
In addition, since it is removable, it can be worn in any season.

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