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Article: KADOYA STORY Vol.5-SBS-HOULSTER [Development secret story]

KADOYA STORY Vol.5-SBS-HOULSTER [Development secret story]


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Finally, the HF LAB that started, the first work, SBS HOLSTER

What did the developers have in mind when they made it, and what does it mean when they named the first game "SBS"?

In order to know them, I hit the developer Mr. Nakamura directly.

Cooperation: Craftsman Mr. Nakamura

Editing: Kadoya Editorial Department

[How was SBS-HOULSTER born? ]

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Mr. Nakamura: It was originally developed as a wallet holster.

That said, wallets also vary in size and thickness.

In that case, vertical and horizontal adjustment functions are required.

However, at the beginning, there was no such adjustment function, so after that, I repeated prototypes and finally I think I was able to get close to what I really wanted to do.

One of them is the belt that runs spirally from the side. When tightened, it curves and increases the feeling of holding, so you can store not only a simple wallet but also various items.

[What are various things? ]

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Mr. Nakamura: There are no set rules, so it's fun to try different things.

Cell phones are good too. If it's a smartphone, I recommend a rugged one with a cover rather than a too thin one.

If you loosen all the belts, a 500ml bottle will barely fit.

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This was unexpected, but it was the number one hit. It's pretty convenient.

In addition to the leg belt, the items below the waist are reminiscent of a gunman.

An extraordinary sight.

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The key word or development theme was this from the beginning.

[In this case, there is no need to limit it to a wallet, is it a multi-holster? ]

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Mr. Nakamura: That's right. However, if the naming is a multi-holster, I wonder if this visual and image are a little different.

Naming is difficult...

Just when I thought the product was complete, a new problem arose.

Yes, the product name...the name.

[So, where did SBS-HOULSTER's SBS come from? ]

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Photo: Personal DVD of a certain movie

Mr. Nakamura: I would like to talk briefly, so to start with the conclusion, SBS stands for "SIDE BY SIDE."

When the idea of ​​making a wallet holster came up, the first thing that came to my mind was a gun holster, so it was inspired by the shotgun holster used in a certain movie. It seems that the thing is commonly called SIDE BY SIDE (horizontal double row).

to be precise

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In the movie, the barrel is cut short, so it's SIDE BY SIDE SAWED OFF, but SBS-SO HOLSTER... it's long and bad...

What about the SG-R HOLSTER (shotgun right-handed)? I had some suggestions, but...

Or rather, the bottom is covered with a cover, so unfortunately the shotgun can't fit anymore.

It seems to be a departure from shotguns, and somehow it reminds me of something... Is there a name like that?

After repeating this process, I finally settled on a simple SBS.

I thought it would be better if the sound wasn't bad and it was hard to tell.

Well, for those who are not interested in naming, it's a good story anyway...

[If there is one last thing]

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Mr. Nakamura: Far from being concise, I realized something ridiculous while talking for a long time.

Personally, I use my right hand except when I eat.

However, when setting up or cutting half of the body, left. It's still a southpaw.

Even if you can't play the guitar, if you hold it, it's left,

yeah? ! I've never held a gun, but when I do a simulation, it's still left...

I've been doing the useless action of taking out my wallet from my right back pocket and switching it to my left hand for decades...

After all it is fun to be extraordinary. I want to make such exciting things again.

Next time, I would like to make a holster that is not bound by left or right.

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