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Kadoya's proud top range, HEAD FACTORY
Behind this, there is a deeply boiled down philosophy of manufacturing.
Therefore, the degree of perfection, and the dilemma What is the derived line HF LAB.

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what is cut off, what is added

kadoya official online

Since its founding in 1935, Kadoya has continued to protect the headquarters factory and craftsmen.

Their existence, which can be called a corporate identity, has been greatly required for the manufacturing of HEAD FACTORY (hereinafter referred to as HF), which has been stripped down to rationality and universality that is not swayed by the times.

kadoya official online

kadoya official online

Thorough product management and sewing manuals, the sensibility of each craftsman who never shows in the production of ready-made products where individual differences are not allowed.

Diverse sewing methods and confrontation with leather. The craftsmen of HF have the creativity cultivated in it.

kadoya official online

The factory manager who holds the helm of HF speaks.

While producing ready-made products, HF's craftsmen are responsible for a variety of tasks such as made-to-order, repair, and custom work that we have continued since our founding.

In order to deal with such items, which are not exactly the same, not only skills and knowledge, but also creativity, aesthetic sense, and consideration of each craftsman are important.

kadoya official online

The craftsman's sensibility, which is polished day by day by confronting leather products, has never been expressed in the form of a product until now.

I want to spotlight the individuality of the craftsmen and create something different from the conventional HF products more flexibly.

And the HF derivative line "HF LAB." will start.

kadoya official online

HF LAB. The first item "SBS-HOLSTER"

Originally, it was a wallet holster made experimentally by one of the craftsmen.

It was made in one hand, and although it was incomplete, it had a conspicuous color that made you feel something.

kadoya official online

Prototypes that never see the light of day are usually shelved.

However, after that, improvements were made on the premise of commercialization, and were repeated by the craftsmen themselves.

Gun holsters, tanker boots, axes, etc. Various keywords that have touched the heartstrings of craftsmen are fused.

kadoya official online

A functional gimmick that was added without hesitation, away from the HF quality that has the virtue of scraping off.

HF LAB.'s first item "SBS-HOLSTER" was completed.

One individuality that was never expressed was born in the form of a holster.

Ingenious design and engineering

kadoya official online

Sewing, belting, rivets and hardware.

While being added like addition, it has a tough structure that secures strength and a rational structure.

Leg belt that enhances the feeling of wearing on the thigh

kadoya official online

Assuming various positions and movements of the bike, belts are placed on the legs.

The dot button and double ring make it easy to put on and take off and adjust.

Body adjustment mechanism

kadoya official online

The belt that rotates around the main body holds down the stored contents together with the main body, and it also has the function of storing not only wallets but also various other items without discomfort.

In addition, the hanging part from the belt is also equipped with a mechanism that can be adjusted with metal fittings, so that both short and tall people can wear it comfortably.

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