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Article: KADOYA MAGAZINE Vol.26 Comfortable and stylish while riding and touring

KADOYA MAGAZINE Vol.26 Comfortable and stylish while riding and touring

KADOYA×Moto NAVI collaboration project

Motorcycle magazine " Moto NAVI" proposes recommended coordination!

Text/Tatsunori Takanashi Photography/Sousuke Shimizu Model/Moctar


Coordinates proposed by "MOTO NAVI" for the upcoming hot season. Select items that allow you to spend time comfortably and stylishly while riding or touring.

The jacket has a large flapped pocket on the front and is made of highly water-repellent and stretchy mesh material. The square silhouette that combines workwear and riders makes it easy to mix and match with any pair of pants.

kadoya official online

This time, by combining it with denim pants with a slim silhouette, it adds a street essence. By suppressing the overall tone, you can coordinate with a more mature impression.

New mesh jacket ACRO

kadoya official online

kadoya official online

A jacket with a design full of originality that combines single riders and a workwear railroad jacket. Although it is a mesh material, it has a moderate weight and suppresses fluttering while driving. In addition to the 4 easy-to-use pockets with flaps on the front, there is also a large capacity on the back. A little touring can be enjoyed without carrying a bag.

<Detail Point>

kadoya official online

kadoya official online

Large pockets are placed not only on the front but also on the back. Even if you don't use a bag, you can store any daily items, so you can go out touring empty-handed. In addition to the shoulder and elbow pad bags that are standard equipment, it also supports the attachment of spinal cord and chest pads that have been attracting attention in recent years.

kadoya official online

What are your favorite coordinating items?

If you're going to wear a new jacket, you'll want to be particular about how it's coordinated. bike wear? Combine it with an item that has a chic and calm impression that makes you doubt it for a moment, and decide stylishly even at the touring destination! .

denim pants

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Pattern cutting that makes you want to ride a motorcycle

Riding pants using 14oz stretch denim made in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture, which is now called the holy land of denim. Inspired by motocross, the overall silhouette is sharp. The zipper provided on the outside not only removes the knee pads, but also has a heat dissipation effect as ventilation.

detail point

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This is the point of denim pants!

Mesh material is used inside the side ventilation. You can enjoy comfortable riding without exposing your skin. High-precision pattern cutting is packed with attention not only to silhouettes but also to functional aspects such as draping.


kadoya official online

A simple curve that you want to dye in your own color

"Elefantas", which is short but has a zipper on the back, is an indispensable pair of boots that are easy to use every day. As the name suggests, the beautiful curve that resembles the trunk of an elephant is a finish unique to a long-established store that is good at handling leather. Goodyear welted shoes are durable and repairable.

detail point

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Here is the point of boots!

Simple plain toe boots are a popular item among riders regardless of style or age. The zipper on the back uses an original slider with the letters KADOYA.

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