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Article: KADOYA MAGAZINE-Vol.14 Leather for summer | What is perforated leather?

KADOYA MAGAZINE-Vol.14 Leather for summer | What is perforated leather?

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Leather for summer | What is perforated leather?


Perforated leather that Kadoya develops in the summer season.

Isn't leather impermeable? is it really cool?

Introducing what kind of perforated leather is for you

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Left: (PL-SUNTAILOR) Right: (PL-SW)

■Is perforated leather really cool? ?

There is a perception among riders that "leather is worn for protection against wind and cold", so is it really cool with holes? ?

I think there are many people who think so. I often get asked by my friends as well.

Quite cool as a matter of fact!

You can feel the wind passing through without a hitch, just like a mesh jacket.

It looks like a leather jacket, but it has excellent breathability. In the early morning and at high altitudes, it can even feel rather cold.

Especially when running long distances or winding roads, the comfort of the leather and the comfort that comes from the fit are good, and the long-term wear and aging unique to leather are also attractive.

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<Short-sleeved perforated leather jackets in the lineup, and items that can be changed from long-sleeves to short-sleeves with a zip. >

■ General specifications of perforated leather products kadoya official online

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The perforated leather products developed by Kadoya have a common hole diameter of 2 mm , which allows a lot of wind to come in.

Punching such as general apparel leather jackets often has a small diameter that prioritizes appearance, so there is a difference in breathability when you wear it and compare it.

In addition, while the holes are slightly larger to let the wind in, the spacing between the holes is designed to ensure the strength of the leather.

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kadoya official online

The lining is a mesh lining with high sweat absorption and quick drying properties, which reduces stickiness even in the hot summer and is made to be comfortable to wear.

The shoulders, elbows, and spine have pad bags that contain protectors, so you can equip them.

So which is better, mesh or punching?

Mesh jacket and perforated leather, both are jackets designed for summer use, but which one is better?

I would like to explain each difference to such people.

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■ Advantages/disadvantages of perforated leather


The strength of the material gives you a sense of security when worn / You can wear it for a long time while enjoying the changes over time.


A little heavy / Expensive / Can't be washed at home (difficult to do)

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Advantages/disadvantages of mesh jackets


Light and easy to wear / Cheaper than leather / Washable at home


The strength of the material is reduced (even if tearing and friction are moderately strong, they may melt...)

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Punching has a moderate weight and fits the body, so it feels good when running for a long time at high speed.

On the other hand, mesh is light and easy to move around in, and recently we've been making mesh with less glossiness, so it's easy to use for everything from city riding to touring.

So, are you a touring group or a short town riding group? Is it also one of the judgment materials?

Enjoy a comfortable summer bike life with the perfect outfit for your budget and usage!

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