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Article: KADOYA MAGAZINE-Vol.12 Alta case to a new case (example)

KADOYA MAGAZINE-Vol.12 Alta case to a new case (example)

Alta case to a new case

ALTER KEIS, which started in autumn/winter last year, will release new works this 20SS season. This time, I would like to introduce this new attempt in the form of including the origin and intention of the project from the designer.
Editing (KADOYA Editorial Department)

We asked the designer who actually started the project to tell us about it.


I have been thinking about this since around 2016 , not long after I joined the company, and I want to create a flow that will continue to the next generation as a new measure for Kadoya , rather than just a product line. It was the idea.

Ever since I started riding a motorcycle and got to know Kadoya when I was in high school, Kadoya has been making simple and robust things. but something

I also had the impression that it was " black ", " hard " and " scary " lol

I worked on apparel design and continued to love motorcycles , so I joined Kadoya after many twists and turns.

At that time, "I'm making things that are very particular.

I also thought that this is a company that has continued to make interesting attempts for the times .”

That's when I thought! Making good things from now on

I want to come up with something that matches the “now” .

Also, I want to make the point that " Kadoya is a leather clothing store!"

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But it took time. After all, we are a company that celebrates its 85th anniversary this year, with its products, image, customer support, and internal acceptance system.

there already lol

It was around the beginning of spring 2018 that I began to wonder if Kadoya's mainstream products and image would be gradually changed, and if it was the right timing.

I created various in-house materials on how to do it, and worked out the design concept.

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Regarding ALTER KEIS naming

ALTER is Alternativo (Italian) = another, new

KEIS refers to the K`S line of products (the main stream of Kadoya ready-made products that has been around for a long time), and refers to "another trend that Kadoya is creating anew".

Well, this area is kind of like my thoughts lol

Product theme

Leather — casual leather items that look great on the bike or on the bike

Fabrics / accessories — tough and hard-to-use (somewhat over-engineered) casual

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Leather is durable and heavy, and I've been using it for a long time, so I wondered how easy it would be to put on and move around.

In addition, it is designed with the idea of ​​wearing an inner protector, etc.

The fabric is the same as above. For the fabrics introduced in the previous season, we used ultra-high-strength fabrics that are not normally used for clothes, such as bags and materials.

Still, it's not fast fashion, so I'm thinking about using it for years and years, and I'm thinking about the texture and changes over time. kadoya official online

When making a product, we have to pay attention to functionality, safety, etc.

I think that there is certainly a stance that [as a company] must be shown.

However, when riding a motorcycle, I think that it is necessary to have "coolness that drives the mood" and "comfort" .

Especially since Kadoya was originally a leather clothing store .

Through leather and motorcycles, I wondered if I could provide various people with the enjoyment of dressing up and the enjoyment of motorcycles, even if it's just 1-2%.

That is the attempt of ALTER KEIS , and I think that Kadoya will come up with it = what I want to convey .

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I'm planning various plans to see what kind of development it will lead to.

It's funny, it's fun, and it's cool. I would like to propose such a unique style.


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