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Article: KADOYA MAGAZINE Vol.10 "Craftsman" Leather jacket maintenance taught by riff leather craftsmen-03 ~Selection of laundry~

KADOYA MAGAZINE Vol.10 "Craftsman" Leather jacket maintenance taught by riff leather craftsmen-03 ~Selection of laundry~

``Craftsman'' Leather jacket maintenance taught by a reflex leather craftsman-03

~Washing selection edition~

washed leather jacket

``In the past, I managed to maintain my condition on my own, but then I noticed something like white dust inside my pockets and on the seams...''

Unfortunately, it's mold.

If this happens, it is wise to leave the maintenance to a professional to prevent further damage.

Editing cooperation (Moto NAVI) Photography (Takaaki Miura)

Professional maintenance because we want a long-term relationship!

When it comes to maintaining your bike, it's just an extension of the so-called daily inspections - even if you do things like replacing consumables and adding grease yourself, things like front fork overhaul and tire replacement require tools and equipment. I'm sure there are many riders who don't hesitate to consult a shop about this.

Of course, the same is true in the leather world. If you have a problem that cannot be handled, the quickest route is to take it to a cleaning service such as Kadoya's Ref Leather.

Ref Leather, which was started in 2005 to commemorate the company's 70th anniversary, has now become popular among leather lovers across the country. It is said that there are now more users who request fashionable leather wear or branded bags as a last-minute stop in the event of a problem with their leather products than there are those who use Ref Leather as riders.

The most important point of this Ref Leather service, and the crux of the service, is the leather soap we use.

Although we cannot reveal the details, it is the combination of these two gears, detergent and craftsmanship, that makes this one-of-a-kind leather cleaning service possible.

cleaning process

Leather jacket washed in the washing tub

First, gently spread the detergent all over the product in lukewarm water containing leather soap, which is packed with trade secrets.

Since there is dehydration work involved, I use the washing tub of a two-tub washing machine for convenience, but all washing is done by hand.

This time and effort is the key to its high reputation.

washed leather jacket

Did the leather soap seep into every corner of the object? At that point, I pulled it out of the detergent solution and dehydrated it.

Never squeeze or push, just let gravity squeeze out some water. If the item is heavily soiled, the detergent solution will turn black and cloudy at this point.

Preparing to wash your leather jacket by hand

Spread the jacket out on the workbench and apply special leather soap evenly. There's no particular odor, and it just looks like detergent.

Perhaps because I had left it soaking for some time, the visible mold and dirt no longer seemed to be noticeable at this point.

Hand washing a leather jacket

Wash your hands thoroughly using a brush. The sound of the brush running rhythmically across the leather is refreshing.

The one used here is from Kanaya Brush, which also has a shop in Asakusa. Compared to the new brush, the bristles on the one that was actually used were shorter and less brushed.

Leather jacket treated with threads from a lighter

Another process involved burning the thread with a lighter and pressing it against the seam to secure the end of the thread. This is a process to remove the threads that have protruded from being worn for many years. The work is thorough, even in areas other than cleaning.

``If you look at the seams where two or more layers of leather overlap, you can tell at a glance the technology of that brand.It's a bit of a miso, but our HEAD FACTORY is on a different level.''

Numerous leather products stored at a specialized leather cleaning factory

Ref Leather has been so flooded with requests that there was no off-season this year, even during the summer, and there is currently a three-month wait for delivery. Japan's hot and humid climate is not the ideal environment for leather jackets.

I was satisfied with my own maintenance, but it turned white due to mold attack... Before this happens, and even after that happens, don't forget to use refurbishing as a last resort to revive your precious leather items.

In addition to online orders from the official website, orders are accepted at directly managed stores nationwide.

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