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Joined May 2015

Designer / Wataru Kotani

It is important to create products that make customers feel comfortable both physically and mentally.

Please tell us about your current job.

We are engaged in design and planning development, excluding products manufactured at the head office factory.

Please tell us the appeal of Kadoya.

Providing good products to customers and valuing the trust of customers are very important, so in shaping products and services you feel rewarding and discuss various opinions regardless of department or position. , and the flexibility to do unprecedented things when there is autonomy.

What do you find rewarding, exciting, and interesting about your work?

I feel rewarded when customers and internal staff say, "This is good" or "I like this and use it regularly."

In addition, there are craftsmen and pattern makers in the company, and when planning a product while thinking about this and that, when a good prototype is completed, everyone's tension rises, and you can see that they all work together to create a plan.

The real pleasure and fun of working at Kadoya is that everyone can come together to provide good products and services and make things even better.

Please tell us what you value most in your work.

In order to realize "manufacturing that customers feel comfortable in mind and body", I try to update information and skills without being bound by my existing knowledge and experience.

Materials and components, manufacturing methods, design trends, changes in the times, how to become a better planner, etc. I always think that there is no end to what you learn and explore as a planner.