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Joined April 2022

Tokyo Store / Gen Akamatsu

Discover the meaning of shopping in stores

Please tell us about the work you are currently doing.

Sales of ready-made products, reception of made-to-order products, reception of repairs and refurbishing, product replenishment and display, etc.

Please tell us about the appeal of Kadoya.

We have the ability to make proposals based on our history of being founded in 1935, and are able to complete all production, sales, repairs, and cleaning in-house.

What is the challenge, pleasure, and fun of your work?

We feel rewarded when a customer, who is considering purchasing a leather jacket after looking at various brands, chooses our product at our store.

Please tell us what you value most in your work.

We often think about how we can make our customers feel that it is worth visiting our directly managed stores to purchase products that can also be purchased online or at mass retailers.

It depends on the person, but most people don't buy leather jackets very often throughout their lives. We place importance on making that rare experience even better when you purchase it at our store.