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Article: Sale of full-scale riders jackets


Sale of full-scale riders jackets

Brand KADOYA, start

In the 1930s, there was no leather for leather jackets at that time, so they used leather brought in by customers or purchased for bags. There were many things that would tear easily, and the idea that ``leather jackets should only be made to order'' was deeply rooted in riders who wanted the real thing.

About 50 years ago, when Kadoya started making full-scale riders jackets, there were many customers who were riding in foreign motorcycles.The current chairman, Masataka Fukano, was the first to create the Kadoya logo, establish the brand, and spread it across the country. It will make Kadoya's name known.

The current Kadoya mark is a crown mark with the KADOYA logo and the rising sun flag drawn in a frame that imitates a crown. The horse's mark came from Masataka's love for horses, and it was used for a long time after that.

The mark has become a symbol that strongly attracts customers other than riders.

I think about the person who wears it.

Mr. Jumbo Tsuruta being asked for his autograph by children at KADOYA

“My father valued his customers. He was proud of the leather jackets he made. There were a lot of athletes. When I was a student, there was a crowd in front of the store, and when I peeked in to see what was going on, Kyu Sakamoto was in the store.
(Current Chairman Masataka Fukano)

Many people knew about the high quality of Kadoya's products, and many celebrities in particular were said to be purveyors to celebrities.

He has made many leather jackets for Takeshi Takeshi when he was young, Hiroshi Fujioka who played Kamen Rider No. 1, Hiroshi Tachi, a professional Ishihara, and Chihiro Mitsuishi, who was a car stunt driver. , Toru Nakamura, Sharam Q, and Namie Amuro are also Kadoya users.

“There were also professional wrestlers and boxers. Sekitori from both countries also came to make leather jackets on motorcycles without telling their masters.

(Current Chairman Masataka Fukano)

Masataka Fukano 1975 1975

Inaugurated as the second president. Focused on the field of motorcycles and expanded business. Commitment to craftsmanship and specialized in motorcycle wear, which was also his hobby. Sending out products that are not found anywhere else. As the father of the downtown area, he is loved from all quarters.(Currently serving as chairman)