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Article: always innovate


always innovate

Cultivation of craftsmen

Currently, Kadoya's main factory has a good balance of veteran and young craftsmen. Skills of veterans and enthusiasm of young craftsmen. Both parties are aiming to make better products by complementing each other's shortcomings.

In the workshop, there is no private conversation during working hours. There is a tense atmosphere, and outsiders may feel that it is a strange atmosphere. It is truly a place where craftsmen compete seriously.

“I can tell right away which craftsmen made it because they have their own peculiarities. What I think is that Kadoya products are made by craftsmen. I feel that

(Current Chairman Masataka Fukano)


In 2010, the "HEAD FACTORY Philosophy Book" was published in conjunction with the launch of new products using vintage steer leather produced at the head office factory.

By sticking to the painstaking process of making leather called "chromium removal/tannin mixed tanning", we have succeeded in creating a familiar taste and texture and giving it durability. Products using vintage steer have grown to the current innovation.

Appointed the third president

In 2012, Masakazu Fukano was appointed as the third president. I was born with a motorcycle and leather by my side.

Based on the technology and soul of KADOYA that has been cultivated so far, we are pushing forward every day in search of further innovation.


2015 Published a booklet "KADOYA GRAFFITI.2" to commemorate the anniversary of the company's founding.


" KADOYA FAN MEETING " was held at Tsukuba Circuit to express our gratitude.

“80th Anniversary Gratitude” ~ Masakazu Fukano Greetings ~

Thank you very much for your special care over the long term.

Kadoya celebrated its 80th anniversary.

Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their warm guidance and support.

We will continue to have an inquisitive mind and establish a system that can respond steadily in order to create a lasting form of manufacturing that satisfies us, keeping in mind the thoughts of 80 years that we have walked together with everyone.

We cannot say that our steps are too early.

However, we will continue to pursue new forms and services so that everyone can enjoy and be impressed.

We ask for your continued guidance and support in the future.

2015 Kadoya Co., Ltd. Representative Director Masakazu Fukano