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Article: Mr. NK (Fukuoka Prefecture)


Mr. NK (Fukuoka Prefecture)

【Product details】
・Lewis Leathers jacket

[Request points]
・Refresh by cleaning.
・Due to defective hem adjuster belt and F zipper, replaced with new one.

・As this is a vintage product, the entire product (leather, lining, thread, etc.) was partially weakened.

[Treatment method]
- Can be washed with water, which is effective for removing fine dirt.

[Cleaning finish]
・It may be difficult to see the big difference from the image alone, but overall dirt has been reduced. Since it was an old product, we applied a soft wash instead of a hard wash.

[Repair part]

Front zipper replacement *All zippers and manufacturers we handle are only made by YKK.

Hem adjuster belt remade

Thank you very much for your request.
We look forward to seeing you again.

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Current delivery time: 2 months

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