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Article: Mr. MY (Ibaraki Prefecture)


Mr. MY (Ibaraki Prefecture)

This is a rider's jacket that has mold all over it.

We would like to inform you of the following precautions regarding requested items that have mold on them.

[About mold]

・Although it is possible to remove mold that has adhered to leather products for a long period of time, the mycelium may have penetrated deep into the leather tissue, making it difficult to completely remove it (so-called "mold"). We cannot deny the possibility that "roots" remain.) It cannot be guaranteed that mold growth will be completely suppressed.

・If there is residual mycelium, there are cases where the odor is only slightly reduced.
・As we use materials with anti-mold properties during the work, it tends to be difficult for mold to re-occur after the fact, but if the conditions are met during storage etc., there is a possibility that mold re-occurs.
You need to use it as much as possible during the season and be careful about the storage environment.
・Depending on the type of mold, if the type of mold that produces pigment adheres, "mold traces and mold stains" may remain after the mold is removed. Mildew marks and stains cannot be removed by cleaning.