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Article: Mr. MK (Gifu Prefecture)


Mr. MK (Gifu Prefecture)

[Product] Kadoya Head Factory original order jacket


Cleaning/Jacket: 8,800 yen Additional fee/Accessories (separate placket parts): 1,100 yen Water repellent treatment/Jacket: 2,750 yen Total "12,650 yen"
[Requested points] Sweat stains

[Treatment method] ``Water washing'' using an aqueous solution containing a special solvent that is effective in removing sweat.

[After washing] It was determined that most of the sweat stains were removed. *Differences in color in the photo are due to the lighting at the time of shooting.

・This is an aviator-style jacket that was completely custom-made at Kadoya Head Factory after receiving an original design request from a customer.

・It appears to have been used a lot, and there are some sweat stains all over it.

As for sweat stains, it is almost possible to remove the whitish appearance of salt on the surface of the leather, but if the interior of the leather has deteriorated or discolored due to the influence of salt, it is more likely to be difficult to remove. .

During the preliminary inspection of the requested product, we were concerned that it would be difficult to remove it as it appeared that the product may have deteriorated in quality, but fortunately we were able to remove most of the sweat stains after washing (some (Some have faint marks left.)

Some temporary sweat stains can be removed, but this may not be possible with delicate leather such as tanned leather.

Additionally, sebum stains that accumulate on collars and cuffs are extremely difficult to remove. This is because the salt contained in sweat causes the proteins inside the leather to deteriorate, leading to further deterioration. As this deterioration progresses, it can lead to damage such as cracking of the leather and peeling of the surface.

Sweat stains and sebum stains can be dealt with by regular brushing or wiping with a tightly wrung wet towel, but with tanned leather like the one above, there is a risk of new stains forming due to moisture. . Be sure to test on an inconspicuous area such as the back of the hem to make sure there are no stains or discoloration.