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Article: Sustainable service for long-term use


Sustainable service for long-term use

KADOYA provides product repair service and leather product cleaning service so that you can use it for a long time after purchase.

Repair know-how cultivated since our founding

Since our founding, we have also repaired and redyed leather goods.

At that time, leather was a valuable material. I received repairs such as leather jackets sold by the U.S. military, which are very valuable now that I can stop by.

From the very early days of the dawn of motorcycle jackets, we have come into contact with genuine European and American leather jackets, and have refined our repair skills and sense of responding to customer needs.

Thoughts on repair

Even today, leather is still a high-class material, and the expression of the fabric, which various animals put their lives on, is a one-of-a-kind that cannot be replaced by any other fabric, even if it is the same kind of leather. Thing.

We use these wonderful materials for our supreme creations with gratitude.

Because of this material, we want our customers to use our products for a long time, and we want them to be with us for as long as possible.

The more you use it, the more pain will appear in various parts.

We sublimate that pain into a "taste", and by customizing it according to the customer's request, we add a "new side" to the leather jacket that we have been using for many years. Our goal is to reduce wasteful disposal of leather goods.

Cleaning service for leather goods "Ref Leather"

Leather products are susceptible to stains, and even rain can cause stains if not handled properly. In addition, it becomes dirty due to various reasons such as mold, color transfer, and scratches due to humidity.

But you don't have to give up on it.

At our leather product cleaning service, Ref leather, our craftsmen identify the nature of the dirt and use the best cleaning method.

We have received many requests from our customers, and we wanted to revive our customers' favorite items with our technology, so we started a cleaning service as a new business.

Since leather products are very delicate, cleaning may not be recommended depending on the condition.