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Article: Leather jacket making for motorcycle riders


Leather jacket making for motorcycle riders

Through manufacturing, we at Kadoya are working hard every day so that everyone can spend their motorcycle life comfortably and safely.

Pursuit of safety

"Riding a motorcycle" is a wonderful experience that allows you to feel a sense of liberation and freedom from everyday life. However, it is also true that it is a vehicle that is always accompanied by danger.

At Kadoya, many of our products are designed to be equipped with CE-certified protectors to enhance safety when riding.

Optimization of materials and specifications

The environment of riding a motorcycle is sometimes harsh. The adoption of robust and supple materials, the method of attaching protectors, rationalization of sewing specifications for interior and exterior, etc.

In pursuit of better comfort and convenience, we are working every day to improve specifications and develop materials so that you can use our products for a long time.

head factory pattern

Kadoya has developed the "Head Factory Pattern" based on the various body data we have measured so far and feedback from product production. In order to avoid the danger of difficult movement, it is designed to follow the posture and movement of riding a motorcycle without difficulty, while realizing a beautiful silhouette balance that can be worn as everyday wear.

We have been making leather jackets for riders for many years, so we can make pattern cutting with our unique know-how.