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Article: Dealing with leather - commitment to the environment

革を扱うということ - 環境への取り組み

Dealing with leather - commitment to the environment

Most of our products are made from leather. Needless to say, leather products can be made from the lives of various animals, including cows.

As long as resources are animals, we always approach materials with a sense of gratitude.

Leather has a unique look. Each leather has its own individuality, and no two leathers are the same, such as scratches from life and wrinkles caused by the living environment.

Leather is not just a fabric or material, it is the only material that allows you to feel the charm of an animal's living proof.

We would like to create a more sustainable environment than us because of such leather.

For example, in the manufacturing process, we always try to find the best cutting method so that we don't have too much material left over.

Even so, surplus materials are used as accessories and accessories, and we pay close attention not to waste materials.