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Make that person's special day more gorgeous with high-quality leather items

Why not choose a high-quality leather item as a gift for your loved one? We have carefully selected items with a focus on texture, texture, and durability. Find a sophisticated gift for your special day.

For those who like leather jackets

Recommended as a gift for people who like leather.
Bags made from leather used for leather jackets.

A great gift for your family, lover, or friends

Because it is an item that is worn on a daily basis,
Made of high quality leather, it can be used for a long time.

For those who love leather

The perfect gift for a leather lover


We will wrap it for free. Please use it as a gift for your loved ones.

Wrapping varies depending on the size of the gift item.

Please feel free to contact us

Information on directly managed stores

KADOYA has 5 stores nationwide, and our staff will help you choose gifts.

online support

We will support you in choosing a gift via chat. Please feel free to contact us using the chat button at the bottom left of the screen.